Love Is About Braving The Worst Of Their Storms

Lukas Budimaier
Lukas Budimaier

The insecure lover:

I am a hurricane that you take shelter from, everything in my path is left over with the debris of me, of my being. I apologize for wrecking you with my storm, and covering you with the ugly parts of me. I never meant to trap you in my danger, in my cold. I have an undying passion for my chaos, my abundance of  turmoil, my darkness. It is not enlightening, it is not peacful, but it is effortless to me.

I can cover your burning suns with my grey skies with ease. I may not be good, but I am good at that.

I will leave your lips trembling and blue, I will leave your bones raddeled with the essence of me. I will bring trauma to your thoughts. I will leave your heart frozen, icy and hard. Your soul will always gravitate towards me. I will leave you gasping for your words, as if the wind had been knocked out of you. I will pick you up and I will spit you out. I will give you chills across every inch of your gentle blushed skin.

You are succumbed to my wreckage, engulfed in my tides, there is no hope for you, no promise. I will swallow you whole. Although it is not elegant, it is not warm, I will hold you within me. Deep in all of my shadows, in all of my grey areas, all of you will be in all of me.

The one that endures all of her:

I will let you feed me to your depth. You can take all of my sunshine, and turn it into black. You can dip my whole being in your burning cold atmosphere. You can ravenge my joy with your sharp gusts of animosity. Paint my glowing skies with your grey. Drench me in all of your terror.

Wash over me with everything you have. Freeze my very existence with who you are; because darling, I was made to dance in your storm, and when you have settled, I will de-thaw all of you with my blazing astonishment of just how incredible you are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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