When You Give The Better Parts Of Yourself To Someone Else

Jamie Street
Jamie Street

how is it possible to forget who you are when your the one person you have known your entire life? but we do over and over again. our hearts get so wrapped up in so many other things, so many other people. we give a little piece of ourselves to everyone we may come across. we give, each time. we give so much of the good parts of ourselves that all we are left with is our over critical thoughts of ourselves, and our broken souls.

how do we go from being exactly who we are, to looking at a stranger in the mirror? how do we go from knowing exactly what we want, to missing who we were, as if they were a loved one a million worlds away. when we lose ourselves, that person becomes so unreachable. we miss that person although sometimes we cant even remember who that person was. all we remember is that times were simpler, happier.

we as givers make so many decisions as we get older, so many hard decisions. we get caught up with what people want and we convince ourselves that its what we want also, even though deep down it may not be. we want everyone else to smile and we want it to be because of us, because thats what makes us feel whole, the problem with that, is that people rarely give credit where its due, they take, and take. never to give back. and of course we don’t expect them too.

we are the care takers of the world. we are the ones that empower people. we are the forgotten. we are the hearts that get stepped on, the souls that wander alone, the ones that smile through everything and nothing. we are the ones that people come running to, and we are always there. we are always there for everyone.

I want you too look at that stranger in the mirror. because that stranger is not a stranger at all. that is you, exactly who you are. you are everything your eyes have ever seen, you are every sound you have ever heard, you are every word you have ever spoken, and you are every feeling you have ever felt. you didn’t lose yourself; you changed. day after day, you grew.

before you were only a leaf now you are blossoming. of course you don’t recognize yourself, the difference is night and day. we function with a heart full of hurt, but a mind full of peace. we are humble. i am me. you are you. exactly who you are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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