Pursue A Life Of Purpose, On Purpose


Purposeful living is being vulnerable. It’s being open to criticism from others but confident in your gifts. It’s having a mindset of being ok with not being a part of the crowd because you understand that you were created to be set apart for God.

It’s the selfless understanding that your life was never yours to begin with but it’s a life used to be a vessel to help others.

It’s not pursing a life full of wealth but pursuing a God full of wisdom.

It’s not fearing the future but fearing a God who holds your future.

Purposeful living can be seen through you and me. It is attainable but how many have reached towards it?

I believe purposeful living begins with an understanding of whose you are. God has created each of us for a specific purpose but we can’t truly grasp it, if we haven’t taken the time to get to know our Father.

He has equipped each of us with a specific gift to be used in this world but many are afraid to go forth because of the vulnerability of being judged. How can we ever live a life of purpose if we don’t do the things we are called to do? How can we ever reach others if we are holding a gift to ourselves?

There is someone out there who is waiting to hear your testimony in order to come to Christ. There are others who need to hear your voice to know that they can also be saved from the lifestyle they live.

I set forth to live a life of purpose but I kept my gift a secret. I kept my words hidden, all while yearning to be heard.

But no longer will I let years pass wondering “what if.” No longer will I allow another idea to grace my brain without entertaining the possibility of making it a reality. No longer will I allow another a moment to pass without encouraging those around me.

As I press send and share my words, I have confidence knowing that purposeful living begins with me taking the first step.

What is keeping you from living a life of purpose? Fear? Hurt? Whatever it is, you are allowing souls to continuously be lost by not using your gift. You are giving the devil a foothold against you because he knows you can move mountains if you simply obey God’s word for your life. Who will you trust today?

God gives us the gift, but it is up to you to use it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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