I Want To Conquer The World With You

Mike Monaghan
Mike Monaghan

No I don’t like to sit in the couch watching movies beside you. I don’t like to stare at the wall talking about none sense things, I don’t like to call you 3am in the midnight just to talk about our dreams. I don’t like to stay in bed cuddling until the sun rises.

I don’t like to do some casual things with you.

I want to conquer the world with you.

I want to climb mountains and watch sunrise and sunsets.
I want to discover different places we never knew they exist.
I don’t want to talk about our dreams because I want us to accomplish it one by one.
I want to do some extraordinary things and explore the world while holding your hand.

I don’t want to do those casual things with you because I know life will never be boring when we’re together.

We will have adventures that we will never forget and I know we will make a perfect team.

You, me and the world.

We will conquer it, together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

21-year-old lady who loves to wander and read books while drinking coffee.

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