To All The Girls He Ruined

To All The Girls He Ruined
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To all the girls he ruined,

I am sorry.

I am sorry that you have to get through all of this. I am sorry that you have to endure the pain during the day to not let people see you’re close to dying. I am sorry that you have to feel like you are not worth it. I am so sorry.

Everyone warned you about him, but you did not believe them. To you, he is perfect. To you, he’s worth all the risk. You would close your eyes to see the truth. You would do everything to let this wonderful feeling stay. And just like a moth so drawn to the flame, you burned.

I know that you regret the day you greeted him back. You would give everything and anything to never cross his path. He cheated on you, he lied on you, he backstabbed you, and he ruined you. He became all the things he said he’ll never be, and he broke all the promises he made.

All the plans for the future – the marriage, the house, the kids, the good life – everything is ruined. All you can do now is reminisce until it hurts and cry until you fall asleep. Your bones, your soul, your existence, all of it ache.

I know how you feel. I know that it hurts so badly.

But this is what’s here right now. And the choice of living and being happy again is in your hands. It may seem impossible to move on from this devastating point of your life but you got to do it. You have to stand up again and build yourself. There is no need for someone to fix you. You are the one in control here. And it’s up to you if you’ll forever be the girl he ruined.

You can make it.

Trust me. Because I did.

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