To Every Girl Who’s Been Friendzoned

WillSpirit SBLN

It feels great. Getting good morning texts from him, having funny nicknames for each other, going out to see a movie with him, trying newly opened restaurants with him, opening up about your fears and dreams to him – having him as the special piece to complete your every day.

It feels great until you start confessing that he matters more than just a friend, and then he tells you he can’t reciprocate the love.

Darling, you are friendzoned.

You are now stuck in that phase where you wonder what went wrong. Are you too friendly? You came too late to cross the ‘friendship line’? You spend an hour or two looking at yourself in the mirror, thinking “Am I not pretty? Is something wrong with my body? Am I not enough?”

Getting friendzoned sucks.

….But believe me when I say that there’s more to life than getting friendzoned.

Dear, I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with you. There’s nothing funny about the way you dress, the way you talk, the way you speak. You are beautiful despite of the freckles that you never liked, or the scar in your right leg that you despise. Your imperfections did not make him decide to friendzone you. It doesn’t also turn him into an idiot for not wanting you the same way you want him to.

Perhaps you are destined for something better. You are destined to be with someone who doesn’t just enjoy your company. Who doesn’t see you just as a friend he could hang out with. You belong to someone who feels great when he’s with you, and feels bad the moment you reach the doorstep of your home after a date night. You belong to someone who can open up his fears and dreams to you to. You are destined to belong to someone who can match the same intensity of love and passion you feel burning in your heart and soul.

Not everything you want is something you also deserve.

So stop crying about it. Get up, take a shower. Go shopping. Get a makeover. Stand up, once again, not to show the guy who friendzoned you that he lost a diamond. Stand up and spoil yourself because you deserve it. You deserve to be happy as you wait for the one who will make you realize that you are blessed because you got friendzoned.

There’s more to life than getting friendzoned…so don’t feel bad about it. You will be okay, you will find the one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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