This Is How I’m Going To Love You

Lukas Budimaier

This is how I’m going to love you.

When I love, I love hard. I might lose myself along the way, but I won’t mind. I will always remind you how blessed I am to have you. I will tell you how I love your not-so-pointed nose, your thick lips, your tan skin, all the things that you probably don’t like about yourself.

We will argue about a lot of things. How you don’t wanna be bossed around, how you don’t like this or that, and I won’t kiss your ass. I never will. I will tell you when you’re wrong, when you’re doing things inappropriately, when you need to slow down. I will let you know that there are better ways to approach things than letting you curse and shout. I won’t allow you to think that you are always right.

Because I love you. And as much as I want to please you, I won’t.

Love isn’t about glorifying everything that you do.

Yes, I will love everything you hate about yourself until you learn to love them too, but I won’t let you be eaten by the idea that you are perfect.

‘Cause you don’t need to.

I am willing to be a witch on occasion for disagreeing with your crooked beliefs. Some nights, I might shed some tears, but that’s okay if that’s what it takes to make a better man out of you. It’s gonna be alright.

Because I trust you. I trusted you the moment you said you love me, too.

Love never gives up. And neither do I. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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