Love Takes Hostages

Happy couple holding each other
Jeremy Wong

Love is beautiful, love is kind, love is compassionate but love takes hostages. It holds you captive and it opens you up to a world of vulnerabilities.

You spent most of your life building walls laced with shards of glass so that no one can climb over it to your sweet, tender heart.

You have experienced enough heartbreak and pain that you no longer want to give someone the power to break you.

You convince yourself that you would be happy living a life alone with your pet dog in a beautiful apartment. In that way, no one will ever be able to hurt you.

You spend your days reading on how to be Zen and listening to ted talks about finding happiness in singlehood.

You finally feel like you are special and that you stand side by side with all those strong single men and women.

You realize that while you crave for love, love was never meant to be in your destiny and you have made peace with it.

As the Buddhist teaching goes, you are finally learning to let go of attachment in search of Zen and nirvana. And one day, someone comes into your life and shatters the wall you built around your heart. All it took was a smile and a gentle touch and it came crumbling down. Their soft brown hair and the way they smelt haunts you every night.

You start to get addicted to that person because they touched a part of you that you thought had long died. Their happiness becomes your happiness and you would go the ends of the world just to see a smile carved on their face.

You wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is wish them good morning and each time your phone buzzes, you get excited seeing that it is from them.

You start experiencing emotions that you have locked away when you pledged allegiance to the single life.

Your vision of the future start to change and include another person and you start looking forward for it.

Sometimes the key to leading a Zen life is to lose balance for love. But you are scared.

You swore you would never give anyone else the power to destroy you and now you are willingly handing it to them on a gold platter.

You thought you were a scholar of love having read so much about love and listening to podcasts on the science of love and the reality of it as well.

A fierce proponent you were of the power of love but you never thought for a second that you would be in love. Being in love is scary. It takes a great degree of vulnerability to allow someone into the deepest parts of you. But it is also a great source of happiness and fulfillment. It makes you smile when you least expect it and it makes your day that much better. Is it a risk worth taking some ask me? I don’t quite know but I do know that a world without love is a deadly place. So open up your hearts and try to let someone in. Not everyone will break your heart and once in a while in the middle of life, you will find someone who will stay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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