We Don’t Need The ‘Me Too’ Hashtag, We Need Change

Woman holding up a #metoo sign
Unsplash / Mihai Surdu

You’ve probably come across the #metoo trend on social media lately, which was started in light of the Harvey Weinstein allegations. The motive behind it was to surface how widespread and serious the issue of sexual assault is. Started by a Hollywood actress, this trend has taken the internet by storm. About a hundred women in my own list of friends used the tag to open up about their experience. I understand the struggle each one has to go through to accept, but it’s the kind of struggle that inspires.

This goes out to everyone, man or woman. Sexual assault isn’t restricted to a certain gender. It isn’t restricted to one’s marital status. It doesn’t have any boundaries at all. With women, the instances are way more prevalent and taken very casually.

A creepy stalker on Facebook isn’t any better than a pervert calling out to you on the street. Forced sexual intercourse by a stranger or your own husband or boyfriend is still rape. Character assassination by males or females IS assault. But how many of these incidents are reported or even considered as sexual assault? This issue goes beyond celebrities, beyond social media, and beyond the trends which may or may not reach out to everyone.

It breaks my heart when my Facebook or Instagram is filled with #metoo. It breaks my heart to know that I’m not the only one. It breaks my heart to see how women face harassment and are made believe that it’s their fault. It’s not. I stand with every woman who’s faced assault or violence physically, emotionally or mentally.

What we need right now is not this hashtag, but what it symbolizes. We need to support each person who’s ever been through something like this, even if they’re afraid to open up. I say we fight against it. Let’s not see ourselves as victims but as survivors. Let’s be people who can and will make this hashtag go away in the near future. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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