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7 Ways To Turn On An Alpha Woman – Without Even Touching Her

Alpha women do not tend to settle down easily nor do they settle for just anyone. This is the type of woman who isn’t afraid to be alone – so if she’s spending her time with you, it can be quite the compliment. But what actually turns an alpha woman on – and captures her attention long-term?

5 Signs You’re A Caffeine Junkie And Need Rehab (Just Kidding, We Both Know Coffee Is Life, Don’t You Dare Take That Cup Away)

You might hear repeated requests from your loved ones to stop drinking so much coffee. You’re told that you need to cut down so you can get a good night’s rest. In response, you have plenty of excuses ready at hand to rationalize the hell out of your addiction – including a binder full of research filled with the reported benefits of caffeine consumption.

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