Please Hold On, Because It’ll All Be Over Soon

Pexels, Pixabay
Pexels, Pixabay

Darling, hold on.
I know your breath hitches in your throat
I know the world seems to be falling on your tiny shoulders,
I know your heart feels like a heavy boulder
But hold on, I promise it’ll soon be over.

I know the way they look at you, makes you want to just hide,
But they can’t see through you, to know the stardust that lies inside.
The world doesn’t understand the ocean your heart holds,
But you don’t need them, you only need your own love to stand up tall and bold.

You fall, You break
It’s okay, I know sometimes it’s too much to take
But remember the hand you need to get back up is your own, no other
Get up and hold on, it’ll soon be over.

So tonight when you sob, when you weep,
Remind yourself that the one you weep for, lies peacefully asleep
When you stifle your cries over your pillow cover,
Please hold on darling, I promise it’ll soon be over.

The one that stares at you from the mirror, is the only love that will stay
Even though they promise forever, people will always part ways.
You stay with yourself even though they are gone
Darling, I know it’s tough, but please hold on.

Not right now, not today
But I know it’ll all fall into place some day.
And a few years down the line,
When things would be perfect, just fine, you’ll be proud about all the battles you’ve won,
But for now, darling, please hold on. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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