This Is How You Deal With People Who Leave And Reappear When It’s Convenient


This is to people who show-up in your lives when it’s convenient and disappear when they feel like it, and then reappear when they feel like it again. This is to people who emotionally abuse your existence by existing temporarily. This is to people who think our hearts are door mats, and our life is a one night stand, who believe human relationships are a way not a destination, and are unapologetically there to blame you when you no longer accept the terms of your co existing, yes I’d call it temporary co existing relationship is never the word.

There is something so attracting when it comes to being mysterious, like there is always something to look for, you never know the whole story, I mean we love dark and secretive to an extent, we love shady to an extent but there is something we don’t like at all, which is not being there. But manipulation hooks us in, makes us give excuses; convince ourselves that we’re wrong that we’re over thinking. We forgive we ignore facts and then we realize too late that we were trapped, we are just a season, a comforting pillow when their lives gets tough, an empty bed when they forget we exist and us feeling empty waiting, hoping they’d show up a little more, we start settling for less, accepting temporary for it’s better than nothing,  pouring ourselves in silver cups so they’d drink us whole and forget their pain, and in the morning they’re not there and we’re still empty.

You see, it’s a cycle of longing and waiting and settling and being emotionally abused, we’re just one of many on the rack of sedatives, temporary solutions, maybe sometimes they do love their drugs, but we’re never addictive, we’re disposable forgettable and we have many alternatives. On the other hand we care, we get attached and maybe we love hard and maybe it’s just getting used to a certain someone, but in the end, it’s inevitable; we suffer, we are burning candles lighting dark souls who put us out and blame us for not burning a little longer.

But even if it’s late we do realize it, we do our selves some justice and for once we put ourselves first. We stop giving excuses we say it loud and clear; you’re either here always here or we’re not here for good, I’m a choice and never an option, not anymore. We say it and we know the answer, we know that selfishness is a blind dog and we’d have to wear our aching souls along our sleeves and move on just move on.

At the end of the day we don’t want someone who exhausts our souls; indecisiveness and selfishness won’t keep us, call it settling but all we need is someone who’s there, knows what he wants and cares. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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