7 Reasons Solo Travel Is Actually The Best Kind Of Travel There Is

Mihai Surdu
Mihai Surdu

Travelling across your Country or to other countries count as magical experiences, we grow we learn and we fall in love with our destinations. We find bits of ourselves in every place we go and maybe leave some part of us as we depart. But travelling solo adds spice to your plate of adventure like no company would ever do, so here’s 7 reasons I would pick solo travel over company:

1. You force yourself to see things you wouldn’t normally pay attention to, there’re no friends to occupy your presence and distract you from your surroundings, you become an observer and you indulge into every little detail around you, the man reading a book right across of you, the family sitting in front of you on the plane, the view from the plane window, you experience every moment so very deeply.

2. Every moment counts as an adventure
; boarding that plane alone, spending hours at the layover with nothing to do so you find yourself something to do, that eccentric sandwich you have at the bar, the complete stranger you chat with at a duty free store. The long walks you take alone and breathe in every detail about the city, even your public transport rides feel like a mini adventure because you’re doing it solo.

3. Your desire to mingle and get to know people will grow as no one is used to completely being alone, so you make friends with strangers, those who live across the street, those who come from your hometown and destiny decided for you to meet outside your borders, unexpected friendships that may last for a life time. You don’t get to do this when you already have company; you tend to enclose within your group.

4. I’m saying this and I’ve truly experienced it; travelling alone makes you know yourself better, no one around who knows you, no obligations, no owls watching over your moves by the second and you get to do whatever the hell you want so you do it or you don’t, that’s when you know what you really desire and what you were pretending not to.

5. I call it Detox travel
, a very liberating and meditative experience with no one to taint your happiness or to beg you to go to that certain store, to eat at that specific restaurant. It’s peace and quiet, and you do what you want to do at your own pace

6. Feeling independent, you get your stuff done, no one would get you something from the supermarket, no one would walk you on a tour. You’re your own guide you take yourself out you have fun all by yourself and you get to experience this city as a wanderer not as a tourist.

7. You return home as an updated version of yourself, with layers of experience, self-confidence, and a lot of self-love. You had no idea that you could be so amusing on your own. Of course you can do that and travel with your friends another time; because I agree company has its perks as well. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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