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Give Yourself Permission To Just Relax

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to relax, let loose, do something a little crazy? Does the thought of it make you quiver?

We get so wound up from our schedules – work, kids, home — that it can feel like a hamster wheel. The only time we can settle down is on a booked vacation. So, as we wait anxiously for our scheduled beach jaunt, our stress and anxiety go up because we just “want to get out of here!”

What would happen if you scheduled a day in your calendar every month to just relax?

Do whatever it is that makes you feel grounded. When was the last time that happened?

Take a hike, spend the day basking in the vitamin D (my personal favorite!), get a massage, read, and nap. Give yourself permission?

This takes practice and a strong will to put yourself first occasionally.

How To Start

1. What action makes you feel refreshed? Make a list to have different experiences.

2. Look at your calendar. If this month you do not have a day that is fully open, schedule a partial day. Start small so you’re able to manage your life. This is supposed to make life better, not more stressful! Move through your calendar, month by month, scheduling the time for a “Permission to Relax” day. Just start doing it!

3. Get Support. Your partner should be happy to jump on board because this could mean much needed connectivity time together, which makes the rest of your life better. If you are planning a family day, it is a perfect opportunity for the devices to be shut off and put away.

Are you someone who needs to learn how to be comfortable being alone? Steps one and two will assist you in becoming grounded within your existence. Start small and embrace the experience.

Giving yourself permission to take care of your mind and soul is a difficult task because of the ongoing ‘to-do” list. We feel if we let go of that rat race for a day, we will lose momentum.

3 Tips To Help Ensure A Positive Day Off

1. Make sure your work is all buttoned-up before you leave. Having it organized when you return allows you to slip right back into where you left off. It also allows your mind to shut off. Take the time to get extra chores done that would normally be on the day you are scheduling. This could create a new habit that allows you more free time to book additional “relax” days.

2. Positive self-talk. You deserve to take care of yourself so remind yourself how much more productive and grounded you will be after a break.

3. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy. It is a great time to try those smoothies or the juicing you have wanted to start incorporating into your diet.

By taking care of ourselves, we can give a more quality of self to those around us. This is a practice we need to work on consistently so we have control over our lives.

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