Let Me Hear Your Heart Beat, Let Me Hear Your Breaths

Look Catalog
Look Catalog

Take me on a date. Not to some club, not to some fancy restaurant, or the movies.

Take me out to the park, to the woods, to your favorite spot in the city, to the library, a coffeehouse, to the museum.

Take me to the beach, to the middle of nowhere, even the ruins of an old abandoned building.

Take me to places that will spark intrigue, and excitement. Take me out at night, far beyond the city limits.

Take me to a place where the sky is vast and black, take me where we can just sit and gaze up at the stars and hold hands.

Hold me close to your body and let me rest my head on your chest.

Let me heart your heart beat. Let me hear your breaths. Let me hear the little sound your stomach makes when you’re hungry.

Let me hear the joy in your voice as you tell me stories about you. Tell me your adventures, your life. Tell me what makes you happiest in life.

Show me your scars. Show me your insecurities. Let me behind your walls to see your flaws, to see your pains, to see your worries.

Let me be a part of your life. Let me love everything that makes you you.

Because I don’t think I could love you any more than I already do.

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