Safe Travels, Enjoy The Journey

While scrolling through my social media today, I saw a photo a friend posted of him in an airport, heading off to start a new adventure. Throughout the comments, there were well wishes and sad emojis at the thought of him flying off across the sea. But in addition, there were quite a few comments of the same saying; “Safe Travels. Enjoy the Journey.”

This stuck out to me in such a way that I began thinking on it quite excessively. It also came at a time when I am dealing with my own prospects of having to move on and begin again. When we are put in the position to let go of or move on from something, it can be easy to let the emotions overtake us; whether they be feelings of happiness, excitement, fear, sadness, anger or bitterness. The same comes with the timing of having to watch someone else leave from our lives; whether to pursue new ventures, new people or just because it is time to let them go from their part in our story. In those situations, it can be very easy to become overwhelmed with what is happening. But the truth is, no matter the reason, we should always wish them safe travels and tell them to enjoy the journey.

The journey in itself can be quite daunting. Life, in all its beauty and intimidation, can be hard. Will be hard. Sometimes…most of the time….we won’t understand why things are happening the way they are. Especially in those extreme moments of confusion, loneliness and heartache. Here’s the thing; you don’t have to understand the journey. You just have to trust the destination. The understanding will come with the arrival. Easier said than done, yes?

Maybe this will bring you some comfort; every single human on this earth experiences the exact same fears as you do. They may hide it or carry it differently, but they do. Knowing this precise fact is the reason we must always wish people safe travels and to enjoy the journey. It can get precarious out there. The world is filled with the unknown, the uncertain and the sad reality of people that don’t have the same heart as you. But at the same time, the journey also brings growth, learning, strength, love, bravery, indescribable beauty, connections and soul-changing moments.

Letting go is never easy. I would be lying if I said it is. But if you sincerely care about someone, sometimes that is the best thing you can do for them; and for yourself. Letting go doesn’t have to be negative. Throughout this life thing, we are always and forever changing. Yet we are always consistently seeking stability. Regardless of how desperately we try and hang on to certain aspects, they aren’t meant to stay. Every day we are learning and growing into the humans we are destined to be. Life must change as we do. It must add and remove as needed like a puzzle searching for the pieces to complete the full picture. We are the puzzle and forcing pieces to fit only damages the puzzle itself.

Allow life to happen. Allow it to arrange and rearrange the pieces meant to form your end result. It won’t be easy, but nothing worthwhile is. Let go. Breathe in happiness and exhale everything that could bring you down. Pick up your bags. Help others pack theirs. Wish each other well on this inevitable path to where we are meant to end up. And do it by offering the most appropriate send-off you could provide; “Safe Travels. Enjoy the Journey.”