You Have Changed Me From Afar

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Somewhere in the middle of a suburb, I remembered you.

It took the beauty of a sunflower to notice your eye color, blue. There was this type of wild between us no jungle could withhold. Had you taken note of my beauty, an unseen bold.

Humor is no longer comedic while passing the places we have been; funny does not make me laugh at any silly thing. Remembering all the do’s and do not’s of your heart has transformed me into a woman of unexpected mystery. Those who follow in your not-so-distant footsteps fail to submit themselves without hesitation.

Each time an obstacle places itself in between my ramblings, I am reminded of how a writer falls in love over the course of time. The process begins with a memory, some crush on a stranger or an everlasting fire such as this. It develops into something unspoken, but nothing short of physical. Of all the touches felt across my guarded skin, this upcoming season will not push away yours. Those faint brushes of gentle caressing still reside inside of this shaken home. A temple has the ability to remain standing long after it has been vandalized, so here I am.

Could you love me in this newly developed form?

A foreseen departure haunts the little fragments of what we once were. Why couldn’t you let me know that here was not enough? If anything, will anywhere ever fulfill that void you claim ownership of?

I get it, my undying admiration, my adoration for the inevitable, was simply overwhelming.

What man runs toward the tick of time, challenging it, gazing into a well known abyss, only to shatter the minutes, commit suicide while the way out stands in front of him? How did somebody so capable of extraordinary triumphs end up predictable to the point of utter dullness?

To fix a bullet hole, Taylor Swift said that band aids don’t work, except the one written with “I love you in this moment” did. It baffles my inner existence how weak a boy can make a girl. Little does mister underdeveloped know the strenuous force of rejuvenation. Should he forget the dedication underlying your smile, it will be there to accentuate those highly despised facial features, because they are beautiful. When his memory becomes too large of a burden to bear, release what is known as an ultimate fear. If getting over a love that was never mine to begin with proved to be easy, a book would be published.

I’m sprawled out across my mattress with the television playing reruns that everybody ignores. There is an unexplained circuit connecting energy into my fingertips, hence this unending story is being written. Who’s to say that these jumbled up pieces cannot relate to one another? It is all a part of the same lesson nonetheless.

In between the days, now turned into a year and ten months, grace has tattooed her name across my heart, fearless steps on the curved road we travel each day and courage portrays the lioness who rests beneath my sleeping aura, you have changed me from afar. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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