A Letter To My Daughter: There Is Nothing I Won’t Do For You

Do you know how special you are to me? You entered my life when I least expected it, and you transformed my world forever. In the beginning, I needed you, but now you can’t survive without me. Daily I ask myself am I being the finest version of myself for you and for me.

Every day, I realize you are watching every move I make, and as you watch, it is like I am running a marathon and I must become a champion. I must do my very best, because I can’t let you suffer. I won’t let you suffer.

As long as I have breath, I will try to give you the world. So remember, there is nothing won’t do for you.

Every day, even when I am angry, I try my best to respond to you in love. My goal is to protect your mental health, the way I wish someone protected mine. As you grow older, don’t take my silence as judgment. I have to make sure you understand that I am chastising you the best way I know how, and that no matter what, I am proud of you.

Always know that there isn’t anything in this world you can’t do. You can accomplish whatever you put your mind to. You are strong; you are mighty, and let no one tell you different. So everywhere you walk, you walk with your head held high.

You may experience your first heartbreak, and I pray that you feel comfortable enough to tell me, because though it all, I’ll be there. I’ll be there with a needle and thread, with hugs and kind words to mend your broken heart. Please know that if I could, I would give you a new heart.

Angel of mine, my prayer is that you remember to put God first, chase your goals, and allow no one to make you bitter. Always know I am here for you, no matter what, and I love you.

I am strong, I am mighty. I empower others as I empower myself.

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