You’re Worth Waiting For

In a word full of self­-indulgence, waiting is definitely not at the forefront of our minds. Waiting is a commitment. Waiting is abnormal. Self is what we are programmed to put first. Throughout the entirety of my poetry, I consider the possibility of “the one”. I fill my mind with poets like the Brownings, Gregson, Poindexter, and Shakespeare. I grew up on fairy tales that discuss damsels in distress being rescued by the charming prince at just the right time with minimal hiccups along the way. Superheroes gave me a much-­needed hope in humanity. They chose to fight for a world in which they could not safely fall in love. These two contrasting ideologies come together in one unique aspect ­waiting.

The damsels had to wait in fairy tales and comics alike. Waiting for the right love is probably one of the greatest sacrifices we can make in our lives, in my opinion. After all, he or she is worth the wait if they’re “the one” for you. I hope you enjoy my thoughts below, and I would love it if you took the time to add to the poem in the comment section below. Wait on, fellow warriors; it’s worthwhile in the end from what I’ve gathered.

And I’ll be waiting
Though you’re filled to the brim
With intimidation
And speculation
And you’re taking a cue from the turtle
And hiding in your shell
And I’ll be still
And I’ll be waiting
I’ve taken my cue from the tulip
Though initially closed off to the world
Afraid of acceptance
She opens herself up eventually
Loud and proud
And though you’re reeling
I’ll be there trying to win your heart
By doing my part
Reeling it in with fate as my bate
And I’ll be waiting
I’ll back off
I’ll remove my gloves
And I’ll fight for your heart
When you’re ready to be a part of me
And I’ll be waiting
I’ll show up again and again and again
Because I’m wonderstruck
My thoughts run amok
Trying to get escape the prison of my mind
Because even my subconscious thoughts
Are drawn to you
Always trying to find you
And I’ll be waiting
Like the moon calls to the wolf
So you soul calls out to mine
Your worries are deafening my howls
But that’s ok because like the wolf
I’ll keep howling for as long as it takes
And I’ll be waiting-
And I’ll be waiting
Even though I’m going insane
Because I have to keep on explaining
Something that is inexplicable
And I’ll keep waiting
Because even though we are in the prologue
I know our love story is an epic one
Like the untapped potential of a young Hercules
And that’s ok because I can see it all written out
It will give hope to the haunted
And I’ll keep waiting
Because most of all-
You’re worth waiting for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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