Here’s Why Kylie Jenner Named Her Baby ‘Stormi’

Kylie in a makeup tutorial for Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie’s daughter’s name came as a bit of a surprise to people, considering they were expecting a trademark “K” name or a variation of the word “butterfly,” based on the clues fans had been given over social media. When Kylie and Travis revealed the name Stormi, fans didn’t know what to think.

To My Children In The Event That They Question Their Names

Your middle name was more difficult to choose. S, another letter from which I could choose, starts hundreds of names, but your mother and I saw the movie Cruel Intentions on our third or fourth date, and, well, Ryan Phillippe, who played Sebastian, is kind of hot. So I pushed for Sebastian and your mother, who also thinks Ryan Phillippe is kind of hot, consented.

A Few Quick Thoughts About My Name

Around the time I turned 22, things changed for me and my name. …Girls would have this response when I told them my name: “Oliver?  I love that name.  That’s such a cu-uuuute name.” And/or: “I love that name!  I have a cat named ‘Oliver’!” According to my independent, unverifiable research, about 34% of the girls in the New York City metro area have cats named “Oliver.”  I have been unable to figure out why this is or what this means.

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