For The Love Of Good, Do Something

The first time I felt sick was when I thought of my grandpa. He had been a black Tennessee college student in the Civil Rights Movement, watching his community be constantly belittled, attacked, and discriminated against. 40 years later, he would watch a black man become president. He cried, knowing his parents never would have dreamed of seeing such a sight.

Sally Ride Comes Out In Her Obit, Was A Boss

In a single, simple line at the end, Ride is said to be survived by “Tam O’Shaughnessy, her partner of 27 years.” That was it. No big magazine cover. No revelation on Oprah. No scandal. No controversy. No politics. Just love.

I’m Worried About My Smart Phone

Phones, these incredible devices that hold so much potential to create connections between humans through exchanges, too often create distance. I wonder what Alexander Graham Bell would have thought of that.

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