He Went For His Morning Run And It Changed His Life… For The Worse

Flickr, Public Affairs Office Fort Wainwright
Flickr, Public Affairs Office Fort Wainwright

Blake turned on the faucet in his master bathroom. He let it run for a while until the temperature was a perfect lukewarm because cold water didn’t agree with sensitive teeth. After brushing, gargling, and rinsing, he placed contacts into each eye, washed his face, and blew his nose.

This morning he dressed himself in his best jogging attire: a metallic silver tank top, neon blue shorts, and a headband, also neon blue.

Before his stretched his muscles, Blake checked the weather on his phone: High of 98 with some clouds; another scorcher. Currently though, it was only 73 degrees and still sunny which made for perfect jogging weather.

Downstairs, Blake’s wife Melissa was feeding the baby. She had a small towel draped over her shoulder as she spooned mashed pears into the baby’s tiny mouth. Blake kissed Melissa on the forehead and took a chomp out of a protein bar. He washed it down with a glass of orange juice, wincing as the flavors of citrus, granola, and fresh bursting mint married each other into one distasteful blob.


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