Never Try Changing A Flat Tire During A Snowstorm

Flickr / Gerry Lauzon
Flickr / Gerry Lauzon

I pulled off to the side of the road in an orderly fashion. We were just about 20 miles from the next exit and it was snowing fairly heavily. I had a flat tire, a scared wife, and a sleeping child in the rear seat. Thankfully we had half-a-tank of gas and an emergency kit in the trunk. I left the engine running and the heater on as I left the safety of the car and moved towards the trunk. I pulled out the jack and the spare tire. Thankfully, it was the rear passenger side tire that went flat — I wouldn’t have to sit with my back to the road.

I jacked up the car and pulled off the flat. I looked up to see my wife smiling at me through the window. I waved and began putting on the spare. Just as I had tightened the last bolt, I felt the car shift. The wind roared and brought with it a wall of snow that sent me shivering. I lowered the jack and pulled together all the tools and put them in the trunk with the flat tire. As I closed the trunk, I saw a dark figure sitting in the driver’s seat.

I rushed towards the driver’s door only to see the car pull away. I ran as best I could to keep up with the vehicle, but before long, the car became a little more than a hazy figure fading into the wall of snow ahead of me. I reached into my pocket hoping to find my cellphone. I was reminded that it sat on the charger inside the vehicle. What little daylight which had been coming through the clouds seemed to be fading. Rather than panic, I wrapped myself as tightly as I could and started walking towards the exit.

Several trucks passed as I cleared the first mile, though no one stopped for me. My joints ached and my fingers were numb. I was about to give up on walking when I saw a car stopped on the side of the road. As I approached I recognized license plate. It was my car. I broke into a dead run. As I approached the side of the car I noticed front passenger door as ajar. The car was till running. I peered inside to find my wife and son missing. To make matters worse my cellphone had been smashed.

Obscured by the snow were almost imperceptible foot prints heading off into the wooded area on the edge of the highway. I popped the trunk and pulled out the emergency kit. I pulled out the first aid kit and I grabbed the tire iron as well. Equipped as best I could be, I clumsily made my way into the woods.


A short way past the wood line, I found my son’s blanket laying on the ground. It was tattered and soaked in blood. I let out a cry of rage as I trudged forward. There in a clearing ahead, I saw the dark figure through the haze of the snow. I ran towards it with the tire iron in my hand. As I got right up on it, I saw it hunched over my son. Horrid sounds came from it’s mouth as it tore into him with its sharp claws.

“Where is my fucking son?” I shouted and I kicked the creature square in its jaw.

It spun around to show a gaunt face. Blood and chunks of flesh dripped from its white beard. Its thin-lipped mouth hid rows of sharp pointy teeth it bared at me as it snarled in pain. I brought the tire iron down on its head as hard as I could as the creature attempted to slash at me with its claws. I grabbed its arm and with one fluid motion and I stabbed the tire iron into its mouth. It fell limp and I stumbled back.

Where had once been a creature straight out of my worst nightmare laid my wife, with a tire iron protruding from her skull. There was nothing left to do but head back to the road and flag down a car. As I approached the vehicle, I saw a dark figure messing around with the rear tire. I quickly made my way to the driver’s side door and saw my wife and son resting inside the warm vehicle. I climbed in and waited until the trunk closed before speeding off. I could see the dark figure chasing from the rear view mirror. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Seamus Coffey is a construction worker and author.

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