Don’t Love Me For My Body, Love Me For Who I Am

Jose Alfredo Lerma Contreras

he told me i was pretty
when he thought of the faces
i’d make when i

he told me i was hot
after his hands have memorized
the strokes to pleasure

he told me i was cute
when he thought that i
was quite tempting and

but he never said
that i was smart
or kind
or thoughtful

he only saw
an object to fuck
but he never really
knew a girl

i thought he was sweet
when he told me
that i was

i thought he was exaggerating
when he told me
that i was

i thought that he was smitten
when he told me
that i was

little did i know
that everything he said
every praise he said
was to get me in a bedroom

he said that he loved me
when in reality
what he loved
was a stupid vagina

i am so much more
than pretty,
or cute

for i am a woman
independent and strong
i am not
a single body part. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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