When You Like Yourself Too Much To Date Someone


I’ve been single now for roughly twenty four months and over these twenty four months I have learnt to like myself, and enjoy my own company. I’ve met a lot of people over these months, mostly through the wonders of swiping, charming and bumbling (to name just a few), but the longer I have been “enjoying” the single life the more picky I have become and the more I value and enjoy my own company.

Which would be great if I weren’t so lonely!

I’ve managed to survive by filling my weekends with traveling, outdoor adventures, and being with friends — but perhaps this isn’t actually the solution but the problem.

You see I rarely spend my weekends at home.

But I do spend many a weekday at home, on my own and completely…alone. That’s when I have the epiphany and decide to make the effort to “find somebody,” YES my next free weekend at home I’m finally going to do it — it’s just when is the next free weekend and how do you actually meet someone these days?

It is twenty four months now, and I have no doubt it will be thirty months before long, but when you enjoy your own company too much, and when you set standards way above what they should be, how do you find love? How do you find that someone who you can let into your life, into your bubble!

I guess what I am saying is of course you need to find yourself, learn who you are and learn to love yourself, but if you can, and I hope most of you do, find someone who loves you and someone you love sharing your life with. The single life is great, and it has many benefits, but even the most independent and popular of us singles must get lonely sometimes…

Or is it just me? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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