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My Boyfriend Vs. A Boyfriend Pillow

A lot of my girlfriends are always complaining about their boyfriends or about being single, but I don’t have that problem. I’m one of the lucky few who has a wonderful, committed boyfriend, and we’re so happy in every way.

An Open Letter To My Parents When They Were Naming Me 20 Years Ago

In later years, Mother, I will learn that it was your husband, your foolhardy husband, who chose the spelling. The name started as Sachi, said as it’s spelled, which is the wife of the Hindu lord Indra. This developed into Saachi, meaning truth, as we discussed before. Then, sometime between your first trimester and the moment I ruined your lives, it turned into “Scaachi.”

Seven Things Young Women Need To Stop Doing Right Now

Being a teenage girl is the pits, and being an adult woman in your 20s is no easier. Once you get to the point where you’re paying your rent, making your own meals, and getting regular pap tests, there are a few traits from your teenage years that you have to let go of. Immediately.

An Open Letter To Dreamy But Distant Boy

It’s pretty clear that this is casual dating to you, but to me, I have grand plans for the two of us. I’m going to break you from your overtly calm exterior. You are going to hold me all night as I drift to sleep in your arms. You may only have two or three feelings, but I have millions, and I am going to talk about them forever.