The Difference Between Those Who Settle And Those Who Dream

Joshua Ness

Walking through the streets of London in patent brogues, eating scrumptious Maison Ladurée macaroons on the luscious lawns of the Eiffel Tower, cycling alongside the rivers of Amsterdam or even shopping on 5th Avenue in my faux fur and leather booties in the midst of winter. Sigh.

Those are just some of the daily musings of a twenty-something because when reality knocks you down, a far-fetched life is the easiest escape to grab onto. But is it really far-fetched? Hell yes, it could be financially draining, but at the end of the day is it not going to give you the satisfaction and happiness you’ve been desperately seeking?

So far in my life, being a twenty-something is a tough phase to go through, accepting the transition from mediocre teenage thinking to a stimulating adult mind. As a master in the art of people watching, I have noticed that people in their twenties are too keen on settling for a life they have always been comfortable with, purely because mediocrity is easier to live with rather than achieving and fulfilling a life of excellence.

A part of that life of excellence can be attained by continuously striving for progress and change. As young adults, we often want the easy way out in most situations and have the tendency of forgetting that it is only through our weaknesses that we grow through life the most. Do not remain in one place, keep moving forward towards bigger and better things that will contribute to your growth as an individual, mentally and emotionally. After all, you do grow through what you go through.

More often than not, people do what they’re told to, and not what they want to, resulting in them living a life for others and not for themselves. That is one of the greatest flaws of humans, putting other people’s happiness above your own. What makes them so great, and you so little? It is important to remember at the end of the day you are all you have, and fifty years down the line you don’t want to regret a choice you made purely based on the benefit of others.

Do not remain stagnant in life; you did not come this far through all your heartaches and triumphs to live a life far less than what you’re capable of.
You are more than all the failed job interviews, exams and relationships. You are more than the average salary you eagerly await for at the end of every month. You are more than failure itself, your worth is priceless. Believe in yourself and you will achieve great things, or the doubt train may catch you only for you to end up at the station of misery for the rest of your life.

My contentment comes in the form of travel and fashion, I strive to be a traveler marveling over the hidden treasures of the world whilst clothed in my favorite garments. That’s what I am ultimately working towards. I am doing me, for me. I want to be confident knowing that twenty years down the line, I will not discourage others of living a life that may at first glance, seem difficult. If we can survive through the tough times, won’t it be a breeze going through the easy stuff, reaching those glorious moments of success your life has been culminating towards?

As aspiring adults, there is nothing standing in your way of being the best version of yourself that you could possibly be.
You, after all, are responsible for the choices you make and the happiness you create wherever you go and whatever you do. Whatever your dreams and daily musings may be, with a determined mindset and a little faith you will be surprised at how far you can go, even if it does come across as far-fetched. There is a fine line between an extraordinary life and a mediocre one, it’s just up to you where you choose to draw it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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