7 Dating Mistakes Women Make

Hitch (Widescreen Edition)
Hitch (Widescreen Edition)

1. Being too available.

Do you initiate most of the contact (calls, emails or texts)? Did you instantly allow him to reschedule a date after canceling? Do you always answer the phone when he calls? If your answer to even one of these is a yes, then you might be in trouble. Mr. Boyfriend Material is looking for a girl who is confident, independent and is wanted by others. Whereas, doing these things won’t please him. They will only make you appear ‘desperate.’

2. Don’t look for perfection.

Six-pack-abs, French model height & movie-star looks over honesty, loyalty, and considerateness? Red flags raised, my friend. The former things do matter up to a certain extent but judging your date only on this basis, which to on your very first meeting will only turn things down for you. Just remember, separating your desires from your deal-breakers can give your love life a major upgrade!

3. Mind your manners.

We cannot image you to be forgetting this. But here’s a little reminder, it doesn’t take anything at all to say a ‘Thank you.’ Whether you’re ordering your meal, munching on an appetizer or saying goodnight, always remember to mind your manners! It’s not only a turn-on for the guy, but it also counts as decency.

4. Don’t act overly chummy.

You’ve just met a guy and you tell him about your sister’s fight with her boyfriend, that you went to the parlor the previous day to fix up your eyebrows and also how your boss in office is a complete pain in the neck. During the first few dates, the man is still essentially a stranger. Women who share intimate details of their lives too soon come across as ‘neurotics.’ Understand that low tolerance for awkward silences & desire to impress with witty banter will only disgust away your date!

5. ‘Me, me, me.’ No girls, stop!

One of the downsides of being independent is that it can lead to some self-absorbed tendencies. Yes, I understand that you love talking and you also love talking about yourself. But according to Ming Gregory, a professional matchmaker at Color Blind International Dating Service, this is a HUGE turnoff for men looking for a serious relationship. So make sure you’re not giving out too much about yourself. Be as keen and interested in knowing him too. But yes, ensure that you don’t end up ‘interviewing’ him.

6. Never footing the bill.

Times have drastically changed and going for ‘the reach’ of the purse or wallet when the bill arrives is a major must on the first date. While a handful of men still insist on paying, they value the offer and are put off by a date that always expects to be treated. Hence, why you should ensure and emphasize on footing the bill. Dividing into two always seems to be the best way out. But if he still insists? He is really a very considerate guy. Let him know that the next treat is going to be yours!

7. It’s a first date, not an instant relationship.

You come across a guy. Make friends with him. You talk. Get to know each other. And then one day decide to go out on a date with him! You meet, greet & spend few hours together. & bam! You fall in love? Eh, no! Dating is a process. Even if you gel well together, it doesn’t mean both of you are ready to fill each other’s life as an instant-special-someone. Don’t be too clingy & make the guy feel as if your world will fall apart if he doesn’t continue seeing you. Come on, beautiful! Show him that you are happy & content and how it would just be nicer to have him around. Give things time to settle!

If there is no chemistry on your date, don’t feel disappointed. It was just a date! Maybe you’d come across someone better soon? Or what if this guy has a friend who takes interest in you? Things might just get even more pleasant! If it turns into a romantic relationship, then my friend, you’ve hit the bulls-eye. Else, give every ‘fish’ a ‘bait’, live in the moment and enjoy your date! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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