7 Dating Mistakes Men Make

Hitch (Widescreen Edition)
Hitch (Widescreen Edition)

1. Stop thinking that all it takes is money & looks.

One of the major mistakes men have promised to make is to believe that it takes a multiple digit income & a movie-star like appearance to attract a girl. And some girls might only be interested in that. But, will you really want to spend your time with someone like that? I doubt! If you want the ball in your court, then you must understand that appropriate use of body language and communication can woo her in minutes than all the fake drama.

2. You remind me of ‘her.’

Are you thinking you are paying her a compliment by saying so? Hello idiot! Stop, stop, stop. Talking about your ex partner, classmate or neighbour will only make your date never to happen again in future. Will you want that? What logic does make you do something that will make her go bonkers? You-remind-me-of-my-high-school-crush-crap would definitely not work!

3. Hide the phone.

Nothing screams “I’m bored!” more than continuously tweeting or updating your Facebook status at a date. If you cannot control those itchy fingers and feel the urge to look ‘cool’ to her, then let me hit you in the head and tell you one clear thing? Girls hate it when men try wavering off their attention from them. Keep your cell tucked away in your pocket & turn it silent. There’s a time and place for your phone and it’s surely not on your lap over a candlelit dinner.

4. How many boyfriends have you had in the past?

Would you appreciate it if she said ‘ten?’ How would you react to it? Don’t end up spitting your drink into her face, please. Therefore, NEVER head-on into anything needlessly because deep down, you really don’t want to know. Even if she tells you she has had ‘none’ in the past? You are not going to believe it. Always remember never to say this to her or else you may lose your chances of being considered ‘boyfriend material’.

5. Being too much of a nice guy? Uh-oh!

A lot of men try too hard when on a date. They try to do all the right things. They go out of their way to make sure everything is perfect. Women can sense this and may get a little-too-much annoyed by this. A beautiful woman wants to be treated like a normal person, not a goddess. So honey, don’t dig a grave for yourself. Be the real you, give compliments sparingly & just enjoy the damn dinner-date!

6. Never ask how a date is going.

A woman wants a man that knows what is going on. She wants a guy who knows how to read the signals she’s sending. By asking her how she thinks the date is going, you are in a way communicating that you are insecure and lack confidence in your abilities to keep her interest. So let me just make it simpler for you, if you don’t want to end up being ‘friend-zoned’, strike off this question at all.

7. It’s a first date, not an instant relationship.

There’s one same thing we’d like to say to you as we did to our women readers. Dating is a process. Even if you are able to mingle well, it is definitely not the time to talk about your future. It’s just a first date. Do pass on some green flags to her if you find her to be of ‘your-type.’ Take it easy and wait till she gets flattered by you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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