22 People Describe The Feeling They Get Right Before They Kiss Someone They Like For The First Time

I asked my friends to describe that moment before someone kisses you, the look they give you, and how you feel. The responses surprised me because they were all so different. It’s shocking, how such a universal experience could make so many people speechless and fumbling for words.
Nicki Varkevisser
Nicki Varkevisser

1. “Accomplishment.” – Maggie 19

2. “Sensations of new beginnings, long anticipated.” – Taylor 20

3. “Smiling with his eyes but not actually smiling.” – Paige 19

4. “I don’t know it’s like a lot of adrenaline.” – John 19

5. “The gravity of their lips are inescapable.”- Ben 19

6. “I usually just fucking attack, idk!” – Erin 21

7. “Nervousness, feel like puking. Uncertainty, don’t know who’s gonna lean in.” – Leah 18

8. “I don’t know! I’m usually drunk.” – Victoria 19

9. “Silence. Want to but you don’t know if the other person wants to and so you kind of just have to take a leap of faith. There’s a lot of fear in that moment.” – Tyger 19

10. “Hesitant, anxious, butterflies, nervous. Afraid you’re gonna mess everything up.” – Maddy 18

11. “An awkward two seconds, quiet and tense. You’re like ‘fuck he’s gonna kiss me better brace myself.’” – Katie 18

12. “He looks at your lips and then it just happens I guess.” – Kayla 19

13. “Awkward but you know it’s gonna happen then it happens. Looked into my eyes to the floor to the eyes and stared, leaned in slow heart racing, butterflies.” – Nick 19

14. “Well it’s scary, a moment of suspense I guess?” – Kaitlin 20

15. “They look at me in the eyes and it’s almost like we’re speaking through our eyes, but my heart starts to race and I’m very excited. We both lean in and close our eyes and just go for it.” – Jamie 18

16. “There is some sort of intention in their eyes. As in, the expression their eyes give off is a foreshadowing to them kissing me.” – Kurt 20

17. “It’s like when you jump into the pool, it’s like that split second before you hit the water. You don’t know what to expect.” – Cassandra 18

18. “I felt relief, you’re okay, we’re okay. And I just kissed her.” – Matt 19

19. “It’s like this moment of total admiration. Your heart stops and you just know that in that moment you’re the only thing that matters in the entire world to him. It’s incredible. “ – Anissa 19

20. “I love the look. It’s like you’re standing there with the guy you like, and you look up at him and he’s looking at you with such intent. His eyes say what his mouth isn’t and in that moment you just know. It’s that feeling where you know that they can’t think of anything but kissing you. It’s special and exhilarating. How can you not love that?” – Jenna 20

21. “Being in love can change you’re entire kissing dynamic and how you view what a kiss means to someone. A drunken hook-up is worthless in my eyes. I’d much rather look someone in the eyes see the beauty that lies beyond. It’s just this small window of euphoria that can only truly last for a few seconds. “ – Matt 20

22. “The look: come on girls, everyone knows what I’m talking about. The look a guy gives you when you know he’s about to kiss you. The look that is a perfect blend between sexy and adorable. The look that makes your heart flutter, and your lips tremble. You see his dreamy eyes gaze at your own, and notice them slowly lower and fix on your lips. You notice him quickly glance back up, in hopes of recovering from giving anything away. The look of vulnerability. As hard as he tries to keep his eyes off your lips, he can’t, which fully exposes how he is feeling and what he is planning to do. He slowly starts to glance up and down , eyes to lips, and doing so he can’t help but slowly and patiently fall closer and closer to you. He takes his time because he knows he only has one chance to make it right. Right before he reaches your lips he stops, as if there was any chance of turning back now. He stops, maybe waits to see if you make the final move, but once he realizes you won’t (because you’re a princess and obviously the guy ALWAYS kisses the girl first) he lowers in and plants the perfect kiss” – Jackie 19

All of these responses were shocking to receive but it just goes to show how different people see the world completely differently. So if you could describe the look someone gives you before you get kissed, what would it be? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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