One Day, You Will Move On

Moving on can be difficult, but we need to push on and realize that in order to find something better for us, we need to forget the past. Because one day you will no longer think of him, I promise. No, you will wake up in the morning and not check if he texted you. You won’t wonder what he’s doing or if he’s thinking about you. You won’t wonder if he still lays in bed watching reruns of The Office before he dozes off to sleep, nor will you remember how you felt when you fell asleep on his chest or how you felt when he held you. You won’t remember his laugh, his voice.

One day, you will stop thinking about his smile. You won’t remember how sparkly bright blue his eyes were or how soft his skin felt on yours. You won’t remember how you felt when his lips were on yours. You won’t remember the way he would look at you, and you will no longer wonder what you could have done differently. One day, when you hear his name, it won’t mean anything anymore. You will no longer wonder about the what ifs. You will no longer wonder how he is or what he’s doing or even if he misses you, because it won’t matter.

You were perfectly fine before you met him and you will be fine without him, but I do hope that one day, as he’s drinking his coffee, he accidentally adds too much milk, he has a flashback and he remembers how it resembles your light brown eyes and how you whispered that you missed him as you gently kissed him, and he suddenly thinks of what he lost. But it will be too late. Oh, how I can’t wait for my one day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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