I Want Nothing Short Of Phenomenal Love


I don’t want the small talk.

I want to see the fire rising in your chest as you speak of that time she done you wrong. I want to hear your voice subtly get louder as you tell me all of the things that you wish you could have said to her when she told you she wasn’t in love with you anymore.

I want to see the passion burning in your eyes when you’re speaking of something you love.

I want to walk in on you with your nose so deep in your book that you don’t even notice I’ve been standing there for a solid three minutes and twenty-two seconds just studying the way your freckles are perfectly aligned with your cheek bones and how your breathing reminds me of a cool summer nights breeze.

I don’t want you to hide away the fact that the way my eyes crinkle when someone else makes me laugh annoys the hell out of you because you want to be the only one who can make me laugh that hard.

I want you to get angry. I want to feel the emotion pouring out of you. I don’t want you to be careful about what you say to me in fear that it might break my pretty little heart. I want you to scream at me saying the way that I leave the window wipers half cycle on the car is your main pet peeve and you can’t stand that I don’t remember that about you.

I want to turn around and tell you that the way you leave the toilet seat up burns a hole in my throat. I also want us to collapse into each others arms and just laugh about it all and remind ourselves that this will not matter in 10 years time, and that you are the one i will want ten years from now, regardless of what happens between now and then.

I want you to fall hard. I want to fall hard. I want nothing short of a phenomenal love.

I want to be spontaneous with you, I’m talking road-trips at 2am to that mountain that no one goes to. I want to climb that mountain and share a picnic of our favourite foods when its minus four degrees out. I want adventure. I want soul. I want mind blowing. I want nothing short of you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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