For The Funny Girls Who Want To Be Seen As More Than Your Homie Or Bro

For the funny girls:

We cannot help it, it’s just what we do. Whether it’s your closest friends or a group of people you’ve just met – we know how to make people laugh. We can be original or sometimes we extend someone else’s joke, making it even more comical. It’s a very natural thing. Everyone loves you for it. No really. Can you count how many times you have overheard, “I love your friend [insert name here] she’s so funny!”

And sure, that’s great and all fine and dandy. I love to make you laugh. And I will laugh at my own jokes (I mean why waste a great line). But stop trying to make us feel undesirable because of it. I am not only here for your entertainment. While I worship women in comedy (Kaling, Fey, Poehler you are Goddesses in every sense of the word), that’s their job – not mine.
I do not know how to flirt, but trust me – my humor is a part of my allure. Don’t try and make me feel bad about. I won’t turn it off so that you can be attracted to me, this is just who I am. When men are funny it makes them more attractive, yay for brownie points— but when women are funny it makes us friendlier.

Listen, I’m not the homie or a bro, so don’t refer to me as one. Don’t count me out – I’m not the woman you come to when you are interested in another girl. I am not safe. Do you smell this scent? Its Bvlgari. Do you see these lips? These hips when I walk? My ass? More importantly, do you hear this unruly laugh that says I don’t care where we are or who’s in the room, so infectious it makes you laugh just from the sound – even when you missed the damn joke?

How dare you try to undermine my femininity? I’m not doing this to make you comfortable. This is a part of my God given charm – I cannot contain this quick wit. I don’t have a guard up, this is not my security blanket, defense mechanism or front. I am not pushing you away. I’m showing you who I am, I want you to see me. In just one line you can easily learn that I am intelligent, socially conscious, compassionate, bold, aware, hell you will even find out my political affiliation. I want you to see me, really see me.

To my funny girls, we are hilarious; whether dry or animated we can find humor in most things. We brighten moods, break ice, boost morale, relieve stress and make people feel damn good. Put simply, we got jokes.

Ladies, do not be discouraged, you know this is a first class quality. Not everyone can do this so effortlessly. Our nature is provocative, captivating, enchanting and just damn right sexy. And you know what? A person of substance will recognize and admire this and they will fall, extremely hard and unusually fast and there won’t be a damn thing funny about it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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