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Kanye West Rants for Ten Minutes About Recent Skeletons in Closet (i.e. Matt Lauer, George Bush, Taylor Swift, and Blogs)

Around 3:20 it starts getting a bit awkward. Then he has the music turned down. I think I hear some “Oh my gods.” People begin laughing nervously. Then he talks blogs, his Pitchfork score, George Bush, Matt Lauer, and Taylor Swift in a defensive and uncomfortably long rant that’s mostly themed “Beleaguered Kanye West Against the World.” Video inside.

Social Darwin Award Candidate Films Himself on 24-hour Binge of Four Loko

“My wife came downstairs and shook me awake. The entire room smelled of Four Loko – it was like the worst prom after-party ever. I opened all the windows and walked upstairs, where I passed out again in bed. I slept fitfully for another four hours. When I woke up, I stank of the stuff. My mouth was dry and there was a giant sweat stain on the bed.” Video inside.

12-Story Hotel In China Falls Over

A 12-story hotel in China recently fell over – in three seconds. How? A combination of poor choice of location, heavy rains, weak construction and physics. Lucky there weren’t other similarly constructed buildings close by, otherwise there might have been a domino effect. Video inside.

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