Blue Backgrounds That Will Add A Touch Of Calm To Your Daily Life

The color blue is one of the most colorful and popular colors in the world. It’s tranquil but also energizing. These blue background photos are perfect for your phone or desktop and will as the poet Vladimir Nabokov says show you “what bliss there is in blueness.” Enjoy the blue!

Italy blue by Erol Ahmed // Download High-Res //

Blue Background by Jeremy Bishop // Download High-Res

blue background

Blue Ocean by Lukas Blazek // Download High-Res

Indonesia by Bady QB // Download high-res

Blue Wave by Jeremy Bishop // Download High-Res

blue background
Blue background of ocean

Volcano Blue by QC Photography  // Download high-Res

Tropical Island by Fidelia Zheng // Download Hi-Res //

Ocean blue

Jellyfish by Melissa Logan // Download Hi-Res //

Heart-Shaped Coral by Yanguang Lan // Download Hi-Res //

Snowy Peaks by Mèng Jiǎ // Download Hi-Res //

Bright Blue Mountain Sky by IdeaDad // Download Hi-Res //

Mountain Lake by Bryce Evans // Download Hi-Res //

Wispy Clouds, Bright Blue Sky by Medena Rosa // Download Hi-Res //

Bird at Blue Dusk by Benjamin Balazs // Download Hi-Res //

Blue Mountain by Arnaldo Aldana // Download Hi-Res //

Calm Sea Waters by Lionello-Delpiccolo// Download Hi-Res //

Waves Converging by Samsommer // Download Hi-Res //

Shadowy Blue Mountains by Billy Williams // Download Hi-Res //

Churning Blue Ocean by Jeremy Bishop // Download Hi-Res //

Soft Blue Horizon by Mathyas Kurmann// Download Hi-Res //

Blue Greece by Alexandre Chambon // Download Hi-Res //

Vintage Tropical Simplicity by // Download Hi-Res //

Tropical Art by Cody Davis // Download Hi-Res //

Ferris Wheel and Blue Sky by 301+ Kim // Download Hi-Res //

Soothing Blue Sea by Steven Coffey // Download Hi-Res //

Whale Tale by Abigail Lynn // Download Hi-Res //

Blue Adirondack Chairs by Aaron Burden// Download Hi-Res //

Blue Mountains by Alexandre Godreau // Download Hi-Res //

Sugar Sand Beach by Alexandre Perotto // Download Hi-Res //

Blue Sailing by Raining Huang // Download Hi-Res //

Blue Chamomile by Veronika Lykova // Download Hi-Res //

Blue Plant by Rémi Müller // Download Hi-Res //

Pineapple by Pineapple // Download High-Res //

Neon Blue by Brandon Wolfel // Download Hi-Res //


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