You Can Now Use the Internet to Control Robots That Play With Kittens

Inventor Scott Harris, head of Idaho-based company Apriori Control, recently developed a system that allows robotic arms to be controlled remotely. And the first application of this technology, naturally, was to invent a room called “Robotic Cat Playroom” full of robot arms with toys attached and allow the internet to play with kittens!

You’re liable to be in a 20 minute queue, but the payoff is adorable. And you can watch other people play with the kitties while you wait in line.

Excited? Start playing. TC mark

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  • HenryElder

    'the playroom controls require a Windows PC using Internet Explorer.'


    • Bill A Pomerans

      yeah seems like kitten-playing-webcam technology will be stuck in 1999 permanently

    • J-P

      Windows/Explorer _and_ Microsoft Silverlightβ„’.

      That's three kinds of lame right there.

  • Jordan Gillespie

    I don't know any cat lovers who use Internet Explorer.

  • Dssd

    i am also going to dis the silverlight. fukc that!

  • Rhett

    Where is the button to murder the kittens?

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