This Person Is Shopping for Tons of F**king Sequins

This weekend at the annual Goodwill designer shopping event in Seattle the local news stumbled across/ interviewed a very excited person shopping for “tons of fucking sequins.” The interviewer quickly moved away from his immediate location in the store.

Not sure what’s funnier, his delivery or the repeated sequence and slowing down of his delivery at the end of the clip. TC mark


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  • dubstepkelly


  • that sequins guy

    uh oh… there I am.

  • MandyBB

    Wonder what he said when he saw those turquoise bedazzled Manolos?

  • Noah Tourjee

    So excited he had No idea what kind of Garbage was coming out of his mouth!

  • Thad

    HAHAHAHAHAHA I know that kid…..that's fuckin hilarious

  • Jared

    Will Madison Moore please track this guy down and do an interview with him for Thought Catalog?

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