There is a Woman in Florida That’s Already Camping Outside a Best Buy for Black Friday

“We’re just like the regular people, we’re just here first because, you know, we’re not planning on this big huge, you know, that we have to have purchase…To us it’s more about being first, and having the whole experience of what this brings to you… We never thought we need to be first for any sort of firstness, just for our own firstness, to make ourselves happy and that we accomplished something, it was a personal goal.”

Guess she’s foregoing Thanksgiving this year. I feel sad for her. TC mark


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  • brandon

    A new low in trashiness.

  • Bensaucier

    She keeps saying “we”, but I only see her.

    By the way, this is pretty normal for Florida. There's a dude camping out in my lawn till the next star wars.

  • Matt

    I hope the TV her daughter gets is a good compensation for this horrifying spectacle of embarrassment her mom is up to? Who is taking care of her daughter?

  • Brandon Gorrell

    The ever-elusive firstness…

    • steve(n)

      this personal 'firstness' seems to lie, bastardized, in the bed of hilary's 'because it was there' (which i am actually not quite sure if he actually said it or it is a famous misattribution/fiction) and the ownership in dostoevsky's 'man everywhere and at all times, whoever he may be, has preferred to act as he chose and not in the least as his reason and advantage dictated.'

  • rawiya

    this is what the world thinks of america.

  • Samuel Walker

    I think it's kind of exciting, like the first snow.

  • Sarah

    Don't feel too sad; I think they gave her a free iPad. Although now that I think about it maybe 'no iPad' is better than 'free iPad and no access to outlets for one hundred hours.'

  • Erik Stinson

    would you guys have sex in one of those tents? i might…

  • August90f


  • Nathalie

    black friday… when don delillo characters walk the earth for one night in human form

  • Igor

    Bleak, and fucked.

  • likariott

    you should think of more creative titles…

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