The Death of Four Loko Has Begun

Four Loko, the drink that that combines about 11% of its alcoholic volume with a whole lot of caffeine and other weird chemicals, has been banned in the state of Michigan.

This comes after a number of college students across the country were hospitalized from going a bit too insane with the drink.

Ramapo College in New Jersey has recently banned all drinks that combine caffeine and alcohol, and the attorney general of Washington State launched an investigation into Four Loko after a number of students at Central Washington University who chose it to imbibe with it had blackouts.

And of course, there was the death of Sparks in 2008.

Stores in Michigan that carry Four Loko have been given 30 days to remove it from their shelves. Better stock up while you can, bros. TC mark


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    Four Loco is crucial.

    I once saw a teenager riding his skateboard in Manhattan on the street, weaving through cars, drinking a four loco. Twas amazing.

  • Bill A Pomerans

    the world is loko for them lokos
    this will not stand

  • Bensaucier

    Loko for dem Lokos

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