New Candidate for Worst Mother Ever

This new candidate comes out strong in the race for Worst Mother Ever: forcing a vulnerable and helpless child to hold hot sauce in its mouth while she berates it, then stripping its clothes and yelling “YOU ARE IN THE SHOWER BECAUSE YOU MADE BAD CHOICES. DO YOU HEAR ME?” while the child wails in terror.

The time has come for us to once again call on 4chan, as only it can save us in this our darkest hour. TC mark


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  • matthewnewton

    I would love to punch this mother in her eye, then pour hot sauce in it.

  • Noah Cicero

    this is horrible because it will teach the kid not to lie. People need to lie constantly to live in American society. He never become a rich banker or politician if he doesn't learn to lie and cheat.

  • Jordan

    When I was a kid, I would have much preferred hot sauce to Irish Spring soap.

  • Polumboyth99

    4chan can be great sometimes. but in this case, all you'll get is 'ive had worse, lolz' or 'he shoulda behaved'. too bad they aren't consistent enough to be considered good.

  • Kelly McClure

    What a piece of shit. Seriously, way to make a new serial killer, Mom.

  • Josh Schneider

    I feel like this kid is going to love jerking off to Gravity's Rainbow someday.

  • Ronald Gonko

    what an arsehole mother, get cancer

  • Walter


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