Kanye West Rants for Ten Minutes About Recent Skeletons in Closet (i.e. Matt Lauer, George Bush, Taylor Swift, and Blogs)

Around 3:20 it starts getting a bit awkward. Then he has the music turned down. I think I hear some “Oh my gods.” People begin laughing nervously. Then he talks blogs, his Pitchfork score, George Bush, Matt Lauer, and Taylor Swift in a defensive and uncomfortably long rant that’s mostly themed “Beleaguered Kanye West Against the World.” TC mark


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  • http://twitter.com/_justvibing @_justvibing

    feel like this is the video everyone's been waiting for

  • Xavier

    Video is mad sweet

  • http://kilakilakila.blogspot.com brittany

    the energy from the blogs

  • cody troyan

    I expected this to be a lot crazier

    it was actually coherent & enjoyable

    I would be 'vibing' to this 'shit' if I was there, not doing awkward, nervous things

  • blueballs


  • http://heheheheheheheeheheheehehe.com/ tao

    imagined this as a sociology lecture at nyu…seems sweet

  • http://clarifiedconfusion.blogspot.com kumquatparadise

    ya yeezy, fuck the media

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