10 Reasons Why Cats Contradict Themselves

If you’re a cat owner, you know how finicky cats can be. Here are 10 reasons why cats contradict themselves.

1. They lick themselves all the time to stay clean, but are slobs everywhere else.

2. They lead a very athletic life, yet sleep 12+ hours at a time.

3. They manipulate you, but don’t want you to touch them.

4. They act all cute and cuddly, but then they begin to bite, scratch, etc… you

5. They don’t like water, yet they spill their water dish all over the floor and play in it.

6. They can sit and stare at a whole for hours, but grow impatient when you don’t open the door fast enough.

7. They do everything to get outside, but once they get outside, they see it isn’t that great and immediately want back inside.

8. They are quiet when they want to be, but loud as can be when it’s an inconvenience to you.

9. Cats aren’t independent at all. It’s a lie. They are actually like small children and cry when you’re attention isn’t on them 24/7.

10. Also, being like a small child, they get into things they aren’t supposed to. Making a big mess, tying this list all the way back to number one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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