This Is How You Should Form Your Relationship Goals

I am not going to give you any false hopes and promises. But I will tell you that you should never settle for less. May it be to your career path, to a simple choice between two houses, or to the person you are with. You deserve nothing but the best this world can offer.

In case you were wondering, no, I haven’t found him yet. That’s too early for me to say. But I can guarantee you that there will be a lot of pain, a lot of anger, and a lot of tears shed along the way before you find the right man for you. Don’t worry it will all be worth it.

Every happy ending begins with a first heartbreak. But sometimes getting your heart broken is a sign either saying “not yet,” or “he’s not the right man that you’re looking for”. Moving on is a slow and, sometimes tiring, process. But once there is acceptance and forgiveness, you’re almost there. Trust me ;) For every time you get your heart broken, there is always something to learn from. It always leaves a lesson to take with us as we embark on yet another journey through life and love; it makes us stronger and more knowing of what we want, what we don’t want and what we deserve in finding love and finding the right man.

When you find love again, that feeling of uncertainness, doubt and fear will return. You will build walls to protect yourself, you will create distance to not be in the same situation as were in before. It’s normal. But give the man a chance. Open yourself up again. Be brave.

A man should not pull you down, make you feel less or insecure. He should be your support, your light and your home.

There is no perfect relationship and comparing yours to what you see in Instagram #relationshipgoals or in books won’t give justice to what you already have. Remember, just as every person is unique all relationships are different too. Yours can be full of romance; others can be full of adventure, yours can be quiet; others can be showy. Nevertheless, if there is genuine and pure love, no matter how it is expressed and shown, it is still love. You create your own #relationshipgoals and not dwell on others’ love story.

When the right man comes, treasure him. Shower him with love, adoration and respect. Love him as though you want to feel loved. Times can get rough and it will not always be rainbows and roses. Stay with him. Push him to be better; motivate him, inspire him. Let him know you appreciate him; surprise him with kisses or letters, cook for him. Be strong when he needs you to.

On the other hand, a man should respect you as a person, support your decisions and wait for you (because he loves you and believes that you are worth the wait). He should work hard for you and to keep you. He should make you laugh in any unimaginable ways as possible. He should adore your body no matter what body shape, whether in bikini or in jogging pants. He should understand that you would have cravings at 2 in the morning and love you for that.

You both should be able to eat pizza, pasta, ice cream, fries and all the other junks in front of each other. Talking about the future should make you both excited. Conversations about what makes you tick should be a step towards a stronger relationship and not a step backwards to being a turn-off for either of you. Farting, bad breath and morning face should make you appreciate each other more. That longingness for each other after a long day should be there. You should be able to love each other through thick and thin, inside and out, for entirely who you both are as different individuals (no ifs, not buts).

Take care of your heart and reserve all your love to only those who deserve it. Take care of your body it is a temple. You are beautiful just as you are.

Mind over heart, not the other way around. It was placed on top, before the heart, for a reason. The right man will find you; he will work hard for you and he will do anything to keep you for eternity. Be patient, you will find him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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