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The Ease Of The Not-Relationship

You can go months, years even, of being stuck in that emotional swamp — not sinking or swimming — of sharing hours, days, weeks, with someone now and again without every fully giving yourself to a relationship. It’s easier not to.

We Need To Stop Thinking About Marriage As The “Next Step” We’re All “Supposed” To Take

I’m not saying there aren’t right answers and reasons, but getting married to meet some sort of traditional expectation, because you’ve been dating long enough, because you’re at a certain age, because your family expects it, because all your friends are already married, aren’t good enough reasons to marry someone and have it be more than some skeletal shell of a stage you’re supposed to reach.

In Defense Of Music Festivals

Though FOMO (fear of missing out) is obnoxious at best, there’s something to the idea that we all — in this human experience — have a deep-seeded need to be a part of something that lasts.

In Search Of Something Beautiful

Too often the fashion and beauty worlds are criticized as the culprit for dictating what is beautiful and, though perhaps unintentionally at times, what is not beautiful.