I Am Swimming In Your Love

Timothy Marsee
Timothy Marsee

What felt like an eternity swimming in the shallow depths of my wounded heart, you came into my life like a brand new wave that pushed all my insecurities out into the ocean.

Your wave covering me in hope and a new beautiful light that ignited my entire sky.
You picked me up and held me in your arms and I knew right away that I was finally home.
Your chest now my pillow and your hands now intertwined with mine.

You came to the castle and made a distressed princess a queen.

You treat me like royalty and every time you grab my hand to take us on our next adventure, my heart completely melts away.

Your words you speak to me roll off your tongue so beautifully and effortlessly they sound like heaven.

You knew you were mine and I knew I was yours without us even having to say one word to each other.

You make your feelings known to me every second of every day and fill my heart with so much joy it bursts at the very seams and brings me tears of pure happiness.

You make me feel safe, like I can release my inner soul and you will accept and honor it without any questions.

Your heart is now where I come too every day. To feel it against mine, beating as one. Our minds building dreams

Now I swim and gently glide over the waves riding on your love.
I swim and feel alive. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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