12 Ways To Know You’ve Found A Keeper

Flickr taylormackenzie
Flickr taylormackenzie

1. You’ve never questioned for one second how he feels about you.

It is simply something you have both mutually felt from the beginning and your feelings constantly get stronger every day.

2. There are absolutely no mind games and never were.

Straight-up honesty and open communication since the first time you started talking.

3. You knew you were boyfriend and girlfriend without the talk.

There came a time when you just naturally started calling each other your significant other without having that “What are we?” conversation.

4. You’ve moved in your stuff without even asking.

You just slowly started bringing more and more stuff to each other’s places as if it were your own home.

5. You start having the same thoughts and ideas as each other.

You also are oddly suspicious they are somehow reading your mind.

6. You met each other’s parents within the first month of dating.

You just knew this one was a keeper and you were proud to bring them home right away.

7. You feel like you are living in a real-life fairy tale.

Although you believe nothing is perfect, your relationship feels the closest you will ever get, and you are amazed every day.

8. You wonder how you ever dealt with the “undefined relationship” phase of your life.

How did you ever think that was normal or how life really is? You don’t even remember being that person.

9. You are having the best sex of your entire life.

Mind blowing, romantic, wild, spontaneous, and crazy-for-you sex.

10. You are also having the most sex of your entire life.

Every few hours, three or six times a day—who can keep count anymore?

11. You have become that couple you used to make fun of when you were single.

The one that sits side-by-side at restaurants constantly kissing and touching each other.

12. Hearing about other couples or reading cute stories makes you smile now.

It warms your heart and makes its slightly melt instead of making you sad and cringe. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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