Why There Are No Set Rules You Should Follow When It Comes To Dating

Flickr / mrhayata
Flickr / mrhayata

I had no idea how fucked up dating was until I became single after 8 years. My god, if I knew it was going to be like this I would have just married myself already and called it a day. In fact, that still seems like a great idea.

Dating online slightly feels like looking through a used car dealership. Asking someone out in the real world, well that would take guts right? It seems nobody has the guts to ask anybody on a real date anymore, they just buy you a drink and want to fuck you. Commitment is out and playing people like a fiddle is in.

Maybe you’re a lucky one and have actually found someone you connect with. The battle should be over, the challenge should be conquered. Wishful thinking my friend, the truth is the uphill part has just begun. Now come into play these shitty rules people have applied to dating. Don’t text them back too fast, don’t make yourself too available, play hard to get, act like you don’t like them and the ultimate -don’t you dare ask them to hang out first.

WHO SET THESE RULES ANYWAYS? You should be ashamed for trying to take people away from who they really are. It is already hard enough to date out there, let alone all these damn rules that have been made and you are “supposed” to follow. You think texting back too fast makes you look weak? Do you know what is weak? Not saying how you truly feel. Do you know what rules are for? Rules are made for games. Do you know what dating is? IT IS NOT A GAME. It is two people who have a genuine real connection and who have feelings for each other inside their precious little hearts.

Women – take everything men say at face value. Literally, FACE value. Do not try and break it apart, analyze it, change or shape what he says. What he said to you is exactly what he is feeling and thinking. It is quite simple actually and not complicated at all.

Men – you may get frustrated with women for being “too complicated” and difficult to understand but you need to know that women only do what they do because they care about you more then you will ever know. They want to know the real you and they want to be inside your mind and heart. Be gentler.

I have no idea when it became “cool” to not say how you feel. I think it’s actually quite very sad we hold back so much. Do you know what I think makes you look cool? A person who is completely open and honest with how they feel. Courage my friend, that is what you have to have to be real to yourself. In a world that asks you to coordinate and bend to its standards, standing out from the rest is who and what I want.

If you put yourself out there and it doesn’t go how you wanted well, who cares. Do you honestly think living the situation on how you “should” be handling it will get you anywhere good? If I start seeing a new guy, HOLD UP let me read 21 ways on how to lure and catch him for good. Follow this guide step by step and your results will be amazing! Who has time for this shit? I say screw the rules and do what you feel, say what you want and what is on your mind. If you like someone, TELL THEM.

If I want to text you I’m going to text you, if I want to hang out, guess what I’m going to ask you if you’re free. If you find someone who tickles your fancy, makes you smile and laugh, hold onto them because that is a rare feeling to come across in this world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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