11 Mellow Reasons Smoking Weed Is Purely Fantastic

Flickr / ami photography
Flickr / ami photography

I love marijuana. I very rarely go a day without it. To me it is not a drug; it’s a way of life. It was grown from our earth’s ground and damn right I will smoke what the ground grows. It is unfortunately illegal, but the most precious medicine you will ever find. Here are 11 reasons why being high is purely awesome:

1. Traffic jams

I’ve got my super sleek portable vaporizer, my favorite music blasting in my Jeep and personally I don’t really care how fast this traffic moves. I got lots of time to just chill in the zone.

2. Headache

No Advil required here. After I smoke my mind has forgotten about the beating sound that was pounding in my head before.

3. Sleeping

I have never slept so deeply and hard after I get high right before bed. Out cold – see you in a decade.

4. Moodiness

Not this person. Relaxed, laughing all the time and chilling out is how I live my life. People I normally can’t stand, they become slightly tolerable for a while…

5. Stressful day

Been crunching those numbers, attending meetings and working over time, doesn’t affect me or my head after that hoot. Stress is gone.

6. Inspired ideas

They best flow to me while I’m high because I’m more relaxed and thoughts move with ease in my brain. I will wander away to far away galaxies…

7. Gaming

Phone turned off. Lights turned off. Concentration on its best level, I got this shit on lock down.

8. Gym Time

After I get home and jump in that warm bath, smoke my product and relish in how hard I pushed myself tonight and I know I fucken killed it!

9. Family dinner

Yeah I will take the New York steak and what sides come with that? I will take all of them.

10. Beer + Weed

Enough said.

11. Routine tasks

Cleaning the house, running errands and grocery shopping, sounds like a perfect situation to be high for to me. Tasks – what tasks? I’m just roaming around having a great time over here. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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