Please Choose Extraordinary

Tyler Kaslik / Unsplash

When I was little I never dreamed of being famous, a pro athlete, or becoming an astronaut. I always wanted to be able say something extraordinary happened to me.

At 21, something extraordinary did not “happen to me,” I made my own extraordinary happen.

Making my dreams come true was not decided by luck or fate. It was decided by my willingness to work unbelievably hard. To have the self-awareness to know what I truly wanted. To have courage to get outside my comfort zone.

To close the gap between who I was and who I knew I could be.

A dream is a fantasy, but it takes action to transform it into a reality. And when you reach your dreams, the best part is you not only get to live that life, but chase new dreams in the midst of it.

Believe me when I tell you – it is beyond worth it.

Being average is much easier, but extraordinary is rare and worthwhile.

There is a reason few people truly live their dreams.

It is a choice to be different when the race for everyone else is to be the best at being the same.

Choose your dreams. Choose yourself. Choose extraordinary.

It really can be all possible, but first you need to decide for yourself it can be.

When I reached my own extraordinary I discovered the dream life I had created was not the extraordinary thing, but person who had created it.


The extraordinary I have always been looking for was not a thing or moment or even achieving my dreams, but instead the person I chose to become and the life I will choose to create.

When you believe you are an extraordinary person is when you have become one.

Choose extraordinary.

Believe me when I tell you – it is beyond worth it. TC mark

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