This Is Why The Strongest People Are Honest (Even If It Hurts)

Ihor Malytskyi

There are different kinds of honesty, but the real, best kind of honesty is the one that is unselfish. The kind of honesty that is harsh, but does not have harsh intentions. The kind of honesty that is said so a person can evolve into the person they have the potential to be.

A guy I dated broke up with me two months ago. At first I wanted to be friends with him, but I realized a few weeks after the break up that my mind had changed. I chose to be honest with him as to why.

Everyone craves the “truth,” but do they really?

In our relationship I put myself first considering his feelings with the actions I was committing. He did not give me the same respect.

I explained to him the reason I no longer wished to try to be friends was because he was selfish.

Honesty is not what people want to hear, it is what they need to hear. It is not soft, but raw and harsh. Honesty is not easy to hear nor is it easy to say. People crave the concept of honesty, but not the actual action of it. The scary part is not the truth revealed, but that this knowledge causes us to look within ourselves.

Honesty is vulnerable. It is our deepest thoughts which are not always pretty. It is self-respect.

To be honest you have to be courageous enough to speak your truth, and to be able to speak your truth you have to respect yourself enough to know what that is.

Honesty is unselfish. It is putting others before yourself. It can ruin relationships, but at the benefit of showing a person who they have the opportunity to be.

He did not react well to my explanation, but I stand by what I said because it was my truth.

I did not tell him in the hopes that he would change and come back to me. I chose to be honest to give him the opportunity to become the person he could be.

To give him the opportunity to become a man, instead of staying a boy. I was honest to give him the respect that he did not give me. I was honest because I cared enough to sever our relationship if that meant he could become the person I saw he had the chance to be.

Dishonesty is not to spare the person receiving the truth, but the person dishing it out from having to tell it. To spare a person the guilt of causing pain to another person. Honesty hurts.

By being honest with another person you show respect. It allows them to be better. To see a view of themselves from somewhere else then their own eyes. To not have wonder.

They might not see it this way at first, but don’t doubt yourself. You are doing the right thing.

Respect the people who are honest, they are the brave ones. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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